Bekijk de nieuwste Poly Studio oplossingen



HP Poly heeft onlangs 3 nieuwe Poly Studio oplossingen aangekondigd.

Eén versie, de Poly Studio E60 Smart Mechanical PTZ camera is al beschikbaar.

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De andere modellen worden in dit deel van het persbericht van HP verder toegelicht:

Transform meeting spaces with Poly Studio solutions for more meaningful connections


Meeting equity is important for flexible work environments. HP is revolutionizing the way people collaborate in hybrid environments with the industry’s broadest portfolio of certified conferencing room solutions and headsets4 to ensure everyone is seen and heard. With Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology, the latest Poly Studio devices keep the focus where it matters, enabling all participants to put their best face forward:


Poly Studio E360 Center-of-Table Camera: Designed for small to large meeting rooms, the Poly Studio E360 camera is a center-of-table companion camera, providing superb video quality and 360-degree coverage. Working in tandem with a front-of-room camera, the Poly Studio E360 camera gives participants confidence that they are being seen clearly, capturing everyone in the room regardless of where they're seated.



Poly Studio E60 Camera: Step into a large meeting room with the Poly Studio E60 camera and immediately feel the difference. It brings everyone into focus with a powerful 12x optical zoom and 4K sensors, capturing even those at the far end of the room in true-to-life detail. The presenter tracking feature ensures the primary presenter is always seen up close, adding a new level of engagement for participants connecting over video.



Poly Studio V52 Premium Video Bar: In mid-sized rooms, the Poly Studio V52 premium video bar, based on the award-winning Poly Studio X52 design, takes meeting experiences up a notch. The latest Poly DirectorAI smart camera innovations and unique audio AI features eliminate distractions and tackle the challenges posed by glass walls in conference rooms. Whether using HP's robust conferencing PC solutions for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, or simply connecting your laptop for a video call, this premium USB video bar seamlessly integrates with your setup, enhancing your meeting experience.



The latest Poly Lens software offers enhanced video deployment and serviceability, enabling faster onboarding and configuration without heavy technical installation needs. These improvements are critical when organizations retrofit and reconfigure workspaces, resulting in a consistent user experience, saving time and resources. New Microsoft O365 Calendar integration33 delivers a comprehensive view of room occupancy and utilization across multiple platforms so that IT can make better room allocation plans based on usage trends. Poly Lens is laying the foundation of AI-powered deployment, management, monitoring, and insights of video-powered rooms.



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