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Newsletter June - Issue 23

▪ What's NEW - NovoDS 4K
▪ Product INSIGHTS - NovoPRO New Features are Available with Update V2.4
▪ Business BENEFIT - Digital Signage Summit
▪ Marketing - Commercial Integrator’s 2017 Best Award
▪ Marketing - Collaboration Blog

What's NEW - NovoDS 4K

Vivitek's NovoDS4K, an UltraHD Digital Signage Solution delivers messages and captivate audiences.

With the NovoDS4K users can easily generate true-4K digital signage content through easy-to-use software features without the need for any programming or special training.


Visit the Vivitek website and learn more about the NovoDS4K.


Product INSIGHTS - NovoPRO New Features are Available with Update V2.4

Vivitek empowers presenters and upgrades NovoPRO with new product features.

The V2.4 software upgrade includes:
* Support Google cast mirroring function
* New “group” operation functions in the remote manager to facilitate the device management.


The NovoPRO will upgrade automatically, by simply connecting the NovoPRO to the internet, and perform the Firmware Upgrade from the Settings.


Business BENEFIT - Digital Signage Summit

Please reserve July 5-6, 2017 to visit us at Digital Signage Summit in Munich, Germany in Booth F710

The event is the key platform to demonstrate the latest solutions in Digital Signage
with NovoDS.


Please register for a free exhibition ticket on:
Invitation code: 397275


Marketing - Commercial Integrator’s 2017 Best Award

NovoTouch with collaborative solution NovoConnect wins Commercial Integrator’s 2017 Best Award.

Every year the most outstanding products and services impacting the commercial integration industry are recognized.


With the NovoTouch you will transform your conference room into a true collaborative space. Equipped with Vivitek’s NovoPRO, a BYOD collaboration system, NovoTouch offers an advanced approach to group work in an all-in-one display. Read More


Marketing - Collaboration Blog

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

You could be forgiven for thinking that the AV industry is about to enter a perfect storm, one that’s been brewing gently for some time as AV and IT merge and manufacturers, distributors and system integrators all clamber to establish their roles in this fast changing environment.... Read More.



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